Maunabo City Coliseum

Host City: Maunabo

Maunabo is known as "La Ciudad Tranquila" or "La Ciudad de los Jueyeros". Founded in 1799, Maunabo derives its name from a Taino Indian river name "Manatabón".

Located on the south east coast of the country, the city has an almost unspoiled culture due to the high mountains that separate the town from the rest of the country, and is still a very colonial city. The lack of large commercial chains gives it a unique personality compared to the rest of the island.

The surrounding areas produces sugar cane and fruits.

Venue: Maunabo City Coliseum

First opened in 2012, this will be the first time a volleyball tournament will be held at the Maunabo City Coliseum.

A multi-purpose venue, the arena has a capacity of 2,500.


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