"When they put their energy on court it’s always like this" - Turkish coach Celik


Caguas, Puerto Rico, September 17, 2015 – After a four-set win over China, Turkish Head Coach Hasan Celik affirms that every time his team puts their energy on the court it’s an assured triumph. Even with that energy coming late in the tournament, it's a good feeling for him and team captain Arelya Karasoy.

Hasan Celik, Turkey head coach: “I’m really happy that we won. At the beginning of the match we missed our services. We pushed China to make more mistakes, after we put our energy in the court and we won. About the team, when they put their energy on the court it’s always like this. The problem is until now we couldn’t always do that.”

Arelya Karasoy, Turkey captain: “I’m glad that we won, as China is a really good team. Until now we had some mistakes but today they had many mistakes and we did not. We're very happy here - The weather is different for us but we love it because we are staying near the ocean, the Caribbean Sea is very beautiful.” 


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