"We won against the world champion in this generation" says a happy Boricic


Juncos, Puerto Rico, September 13, 2015 - After winning over China, the Serbian team got full of energy with their direct pass to the second round. The game was a tied one but head coach Marijana Boricic felt great on how her team came back and won over the reigning world champions.

Marijana Boricic, Serbia coach: “It's a great feeling because we won against the world champion in this generation. I think we deserve to be in this position. Some moments we played very good but some were very bad, so we had to communicate a lot to adjust during the game. China team is different, they don’t do it that much but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what to do on court. My team needs to speak with me all the time and today it was helpful, but communication was not the only reason for our win.”

Jelena Vignjevic, Serbia captain: “This is a very big win for us. We started very good in our first set but afterwards China did better than us. The second and third set were really hard but we managed to win in the last two sets and take the match.”


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