"We should have won in three sets" - Puerto Rico's Xiomara Molero


Caguas, Puerto Rico, September 17, 2015 – Although Puerto Rico’s coach can’t be happier after winning the first game for the host team, she stressed the game was not entirely the way they expected. The captain of the team assured she feels happy with the way the team worked.

Xiomara Molero, Puerto Rico Head Coach: “Honestly, it was not what we expected; we should’ve won this in three sets. The girls relaxed and at this level you can’t relax against any team, but at least we got the win we were looking for. The concentration was off, my girls lose focus very easily. Egypt played very well on Turkey yesterday, they have played well today also, and they haven’t won, like us, but they play with a lot of courage and it was hard challenge.”

Barbara Lopez, Puerto Rico captain: “I feel happy, we are proud of our work, it was harder than we thought but in the end we won the game. We did mistakes in the last set we should’ve definitely not made and we wanted to win; we needed this game to keep on this tournament happily because we are working hard and finally we had a good result.”

Mai Moustafa, Egypt captain: “We came to do our best but we had some bad luck, we are not the complete team but we did our best. It’s a great pleasure to be here. I wish we can take a good place in the tournament.”  


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