“We knew it was going to be a hard match” says Italy’s Cristofani


Caguas, Puerto Rico, September 11, 2015 - Italian coach Luca Cristofani advised ahead of the game against Chinese Taipei that it was going to be hard for his girls, mainly due to the fast and hyperactive Asian style of play. 

Sofia D’Odorico, Italy captain: “I was pleased to watch how my teammates played very good today, against a tough team as Chinese Taipei. We are all very happy with starting the championship with a victory like this one.”

Luca Cristofani, Italy coach: “We knew in advance it was going to be a hard match - all Asian teams play excellent at all departments of the game. Our team dominated the game with a strong attack, blocking and serving. Now we have to prepare to face Egypt. The good offensive level we had is a consequence of continuous hard work.”

Kuang Chin-Tu, Chinese Taipei coach: “We were able to play with good level during some moments of the game, but it was not possible for us to maintain that and find consistency.”


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