Special championship and different goals for Egypt in Puerto Rico


Caguas, Puerto Rico, September 15, 2015 - Facing some of the strongest teams in the world at this age group, the Egyptian team is walking down a different road than other contestants, as they have new players that are gathering a huge amount of international experience.

Ahmed Fathi, Egypt coach: “China is a taller team than us and they also play very fast. We tried many things to slow them down but none of them fully worked. However, this is a special tournament for us, as we have seven players at the African Championship and this team has some very new players - two born in 2000 and one in 1999. That is a big gap we have to deal with.”

Mai Moustafa, Egypt captain: “As the coach said, we are lacking some important players for us. We’re enjoying the competition so much anyway; we’re doing our best despite that difference. These matches give us a lot of experience and we’re learning and growing with each one of them.”


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