Serves from Turkey side are the main difference


Ada Germen serving ffor Turkey against Czech Republic

Gurabo, Puerto Rico, September 13, 2015 – The Czech Republic coach Ales Novak admitted his team was unable to solve the difficulties generated by the effective serves coming from the other side of the net against Turkey.

Hasan Celik, coach of Turkey: We started the game with poor motivation after two consecutive losses but from the second set on we improved our level. At the beginning we made some mistakes but overcame that with more energy.

Su Zent, player of Turkey: We expected this victory too long. We got it with some troubles because the lack of concentration but at the end we worked with courage and energy.

Arelya Karasoy, captain of Turkey: We came out with better motivation after the second set. The Czech defense is very strong at the net but we were able to notch the victory.

Ales Novak, coach of Czech Republic: It was like a volleyball lesson for us. Their serves were too good and we couldn’t do anything with our attack. We played under big pressure from the other side and I have to congratulate our opponents.

Tiziana Baumrukova, captain of Czech Republic: Turkey was better than us. They played more or less at the same level like Brazil. Our biggest problem today was that the spirit of the team wasn’t there. Also they had very good services and we couldn’t play our game against that.


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