Serve and block game carry Dominicans over Turkey


Dominican Republic's coach Wagner Pacheco with Brayelin Martinez (left) and Natalia Martinez

Gurabo, Puerto Rico, September 11, 2015 – The Dominican Republic outscored Turkey in both serves and blocks with Brayelin Martinez and Natalia Martinez leading a balanced offensive effort.

Wagner Pacheco, coach of Dominican Republic: It was a very important victory for us as we are in the toughest pool. If we win tomorrow against Czech Republic we secure a spot among the top eight. Our serves and blocking were fundamental in our victory today.

Brayelin Martinez, captain of Dominican Republic: We felt some pressure due to the importance of a victory in the first match. We knew it was not going to be an easy because Turkey is a good offensive team. We focused on playing with our middle blockers to open the corners.

Natalia Martinez, player of Dominican Republic: We need to take a game at a time and move step by step. Today’s victory was an important start. Our counter-attacks and the serves were the keys. I was not serving as hard at the end and concentrated on controlling it.

Hasan Celik, coach of Turkey: Our team seemed to be afraid and nervous at the beginning of the match and made simple mistakes at the key moments. The final stages of the sets were really bad for us.

Arelya Karasoy, captain of Turkey: Both teams battle hard as it was the last time we played. Our level of concentration and motivation was low today and we made too many mistakes.


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