Serbia defeat Peru at final struggle for fifth place


Juncos, Puerto Rico, September 19, 2015 – Serbia took away Peru's dream of winning the fifth place of the tournament after taking the match 3-1 (18-25, 26-24, 25-23, 25-23). 

The Serbian team was leaded by Sara Lozo with 18 points followed by Maja Aleksic with 17 and Bojana Milenkovic with 16, as a power trio vital for the victory. For Peru, Angela Leyva and Maguilaura Frias both scored 14 points while Coraima Gomez trailed them with 13.

Peru completely dominated the first set with scores from Leyva, Frias and Gomez. The Serbian team seemed out of focus due to the cheering Peruvian crowd in the court. Peru took the first set quickly 25-18.

The second set was point by point, as Peru scored and Serbia responded. The tie lasted the whole set and at the very end Serbia managed to get their attack together to win the set 26-24.

The third set was dominated by the Serbian team who got their strategy together and had amazing attacks from Lozo and Aleksic. Their defense was key as Milenkovic managed to block over Gomez and Frias with the help of setter Cirovic. Serbia took the third set 25-23.

For the fourth set the Peruvian team fought until the very end for the win yet the mistakes in their defense made them lose an early lead and Serbia was spurred by Aleksic and Lozo to win over them 25-23 and take the match 3-1.


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