Russian girls are determined to conquer the next round


Maunabo, Puerto Rico, September 13, 2015 - Even though Bulgaria came with yesterday’s optimism for their second match, they seemed too calmed to face a vivid Russia, which won the game and qualified for the second round, triggering the joy of a united squad.

Gergana Dimitrova, Bulgaria captain: “This match was very hard for us. We were too calmed to face a team like the Russian.”

Ivan Petkov, Bulgaria coach: “I would like to congratulate Russia for this result. They played a better game - we must admit that. We made too many mistakes in our reception.”

Angelina Sperskaite, Russia captain: “Our success was all about listening to our coach. We executed his instructions and now we are confident about the matches that are yet to come.”

Petr Kobrin, Russia coach: “The team played like one today. We remained faithful to the philosophy ‘one for all’ and that worked out really well for us.”


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