Peru's reign prevails over Bulgaria in straight sets


Juncos, Puerto Rico, September 15, 2015 – A dominating and strong Peru maintained their undefeated status after winning easily over the Bulgarian team in a 3-0 match (25-21, 25-21, 25-12), at Pool F starting day in Juncos, for second round action.

The Bulgarian team failed to block the strong spikes from Peruvian Captain Angela Leyva and teammate Maguilaura Frias who scored 17 and 12 points respectively to lead their team over the mistakes of the Bulgarian defense. For the European team, main scorer Gergana Dimitrova uncorked 16 points. 

The first set was a head to head race between both teams. Bulgaria showed some good tactics and a strong attack but the defense was key to their loss in this set. Peru took this one 25-21 after a tricky couple of ties with the Bulgarian players.

For the second set Peru had stablished a better attack and a very strong block, but the Bulgarians did the same and kept the set a very tied one until Peru won over them 25-21, again at the final sprint.

Peru led the third set completely and managed to overwhelm the Bulgarian players until teh definitive 25-12. Peru confidently and strongly dominated the Bulgarians and maintained their unbeaten status in the tournament.  


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