Perez and Cuba dream of following historical footsteps


Maunabo, Puerto Rico, September 16, 2015 – While for Cuban coach Robinson the key was a clear improvement on blocking and serving, captain Diaris Pérez went for a more emotional reason to the win, as she underlined the will of her side. As for Mexico, coach Leon said his girls are evolving.

Diaris Perez, Cuba Captain: “Our team spirit and willingness sent us further. We try to follow our dream throughout our country's sports history, that is our major inspiration.”

Wilfredo Robinson, Cuba coach: “We improved our blocking and service after the first set. That was our way to save the game.”

Fernanda Bañuelos, Mexico captain: “The match was hard for us. We tried to put our hearts in every set even though we struggled.”

Luis León, Mexico coach: “Our service worked at the beginning. After the second set, we failed at that area and that’s the reason we lost the game. Even though, I can see girls have evolved from each game.”


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