Lee Yu is fearless about Chinese Taipei's next match


Maunabo, Puerto Rico, September 15, 2015 – A focused Chinese Taipei selection came determined to go up in the competition, carrying out a well-minded and centered strategy. As for Mexico, they keep their hopes up towards regaining unity for their next matches.

Fernanda Bañuelos, Mexico captain: “We couldn’t focus. Also, we felt a lot of pressure during the game and struggled to communicate between us.”

Luis León, Mexico coach: “The other team had better defence and reception than our side. They also were more organised than us and those features awarded them the victory.”

Lee Yu, Chinese Taipei captain: “We had a medium performance for this match, but we are willingly waiting for our next one, as we know we can do it better.”

Kuang Chin-Tu, Chinese Taipei coach: “Our success was all about concentration. We made it through and we are ready for what's next in this tough competition. Mexico is a good team; they could have done it better.”


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