Lee Yu finds in energy the reason for the final win


Maunabo, Puerto Rico, September 19, 2015 – Led by captain Lee Yu, Chinese Taipei ended the competition on a high note as they placed 11th over Czech Republic. The losing side cherished the development achieved in Puerto Rican soil.
Tiziana Baumrukova, Czech Republic captain: “We are a young team and this World Championship worked for us as an opportunity to grow up. It was very important for us to be here.”
Ales Novak, Czech Republic coach: “On this final match, we started good but then gradually lost that pace. Even though we made good services, we finished with a loss.”

Lee Yu, Chinese Taipei captain: “We succeeded on communicating in every match and it was always helpful for us to keep our energies up.” 

Kuang Chin-Tu, Chinese Taipei coach: “We used our whole power for this tight game. We wanted to finish with a win.” 


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