Japan's Kiyoshi Abo - "I respect their team but we prepared to face them"


Juncos, Puerto Rico, September 16, 2015 – After winning over Peru and taking the undefeated streak away from them, Japanese Head Coach assures his players worked hard today in a match they prepared strongly for, knowing the potential of the Peruvian side.

Kiyoshi Abo, Japan Head Coach: “I’m so glad for getting this win. We prepared for this match a lot and our players did great on the court so I’m very happy. Peru’s team has a good defense and didn’t lose any set before so I respect their team but we prepared to face them. Last night we lost against Dominican Republic because of many mistakes, so today we came to fix our mistakes; the players changed their minds.”

Nanami Hirose, Japan player: “I’m very happy. I tried to do my best and my teammates helped me so I’m very happy for the way we played tonight’s match. I wanted to contribute for my team to win and I played harder.”

Yurika Kono, Japan player: I was concentrated in the game. I didn’t know Peru was undefeated. I’m so happy but we still have a match tomorrow and we will try to do even better.”


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