"It's once in a lifetime", says an excited Brayelin Martínez


Caguas, Puerto Rico, September 19, 2015 - An unbelievable final triggered the first title for Dominican Republic at FIVB Women’s U20 World Championship. Supported by a huge amount of fans, the Dominican players absorbed their energy and prevailed in a tremendously tough contest and a very hard tournament.

Lana Conceiçao, Brazil captain: “This was a very challenging tournament. We gathered a lot of experience here. We make a lot of efforts for being here, and we fell at a very tight game. Everybody on the team gave their efforts to make this moment true.”

Drussyla Costa, Brazil player: “Our trainings and hard work have taken us to this point. We’ve been training together for five years and I expect to give my best with my team for one more year.”

Mauricio Thomas, Brazil coach: “We get a good position; it was a very difficult World Championship with many powerful teams. We have the satisfaction of being one of the best teams of the world. Dominican Republic did their best and fought like us for this. We are sad, of course, but we did our best too.”

Brayelin Martinez, Dominican Republic captain: “I feel very good and happy - this is once in a lifetime. It feels good to win the MVP as this is my last tournament in this category and I feel very good because I did my job and could help my team. I knew we were going to win; we just needed patience and concentration. If you lose that in games like this you can lose it all.”

Jineiry Martínez, Dominican Republic player: “As a team we trusted in each other at every circumstance. I feel truly excited about this championship, as we fought very hard for this.”

Gaila González, Dominican Republic player: “This is our first time as champions and I simply can’t describe this feeling. We are ecstatic and we gave our best for this major accomplishment.”

Wagner Pacheco, Dominican Republic coach: “We have to thank God for this victory. I’m speechless about my girls’ performance.  We achieved a great level of play and I feel we deserve this.”


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