"It's better than nothing" says Russian coach Kobrin


Juncos, Puerto Rico, September 19, 2015 – Russian Head Coach Petr Kobrin feels it's better than nothing to land in the 7th place of the tournament. He assures his team could have done better, but today they fought for their place with character. For Bulgaria’s Petkov the reality of the 8th place does not feel good at all.

Petr Kobrin, Russia coach: “It’s a very difficult tournament with eight games in nine days. I regret what my team and myself did in the last games - at the same time, though seventh place is not our place it’s better than nothing. We changed many players because our leaders are very tired. Today we played and won with character. We showed what our team has.”

Ivan Petkov, Bulgaria coach: “We are not so good after these games, but we are in eighth place and this is our reality. I want to congratulate the girls from the other team and wish them all the best. Thank you for everything.”  


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