"I would like to have the passion they have here" - Serbia's Marijana Boricic


Juncos, Puerto Rico, September 18, 2015 - Following a 3-0 win over Bulgaria, Serbian coach Marijana Boricic feels that even when her team will play tomorrow for the fifth place they did well on this tournament. As well she says she wishes European teams had the same level of passion that Latin American teams have at major volleyball competitions.

Marijana Boricic, Serbia coach: “It’s good for us to play tomorrow for the fifth place. We have to be professional and I think it was a good win today, though with bad volleyball. Both teams played without passion because it wasn't a semifinal.”

“Milenkovic is so far our best player in this tournament; she’s a strong attacker and has a good reception, and she played good today. We have good servers and defensive players as well, yet she was our best player in this tournament.”

“We need to have stronger games to prepare before these championships. We didn’t get that because the European teams were on pause - we don’t have enough teams to do friendly games with. It’s very hard to play at this level especially with Latin American teams, as the passion they have here is not in our mentality. I would like that we could get that passion and play stronger matches on this level.”


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