Excitement reigns on Bulgaria as next round takes shape for them


Maunabo, Puerto Rico, September 12, 2015 - Although Cuba came stronger for their second match, they had to face a fearless and more experienced Bulgarian squad, which won the game and qualified for the second round, triggering the joy of all of their girls.

Diaris Pérez, Cuba captain: “I’m satisfied because we came more prepared for this match, as we knew in advance about Bulgaria’s strength. They are a close team, with a strong unity, that’s why they won.”

Wilfredo Robinson, Cuba coach: “Bulgaria went on the court to play a stronger game than we did, with more energy. We have to make a better job defending and receiving, that’s what we’ll try to improve for next matches.”

Gergana Dimitrova, Bulgaria captain: “As there wasn’t such a big crowd as it happened at the match against Puerto Rico, we were more confident than yesterday’s game. We are happy for being on the top two places of the pool.”

Ivan Petkov, Bulgaria coach: “Both teams were very aggressive on this match. We were a bit more and that opened the way for us. We made it into the top eight, which was our first goal here.”


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