Egonu and Nicoletti steer Italy to comfy win over Egypt


Caguas, Puerto Rico, September 12, 2015 - Italy moved forward in Puerto Rico with a rock-solid 3-0 (25-15, 25-15, 25-18) over Egypt, on Day 2 opener in Caguas venue. The European side piled up virtues to deliver Egypt their second defeat of the competition, while Italy progressed to 2-0.

Just as happened on their premiere, Italy enjoyed fine performances from high spikers Paola Egonu and Anna Nicoletti, both unstoppable for the Egyptian players during the first two sets. Egonu was the main scorer with 10 points, one more than captain Sofia D'Odorico, who entered from the second set onwards. Setter Alessia Orro shone as well, superbly handling the many offensive options of his side.

A few serves from Nicoletti put a hold on Egypt as Italy created a six-point gap that grew even bigger towards the end of the first set, with the job of middle blockers Danesi and Bonifacio. Badawy and Almohandes brought some light to Egypt in the next chapter, but it wasn’t enough to slow down Italy as they proved superior in every aspect of the game.

However, when Italy tried to spare energy through some substitutions, Egypt saw their chance and improved towards a 12-12 on the third set. It wasn’t until the final track that Italy, led by Zanette, escaped on the scoreboard and finally nailed the game.


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