Dominican Republic put heart and soul towards second round


Maunabo, Puerto Rico, September 13, 2015 – A strong Dominican selection came determined to reach the next level of the competition in the best possible fashion. As for Brazil, they keep their hopes up towards the next matches.

Lana Conceicao, Brazil captain: “Dominicans came well prepared for this game, but it was only one game. We now have the rest of the competition ahead to get more wins.”

Mauricio Thomas, Brazil coach: “Dominican Republic was a strong opponent and our team failed to defend. It's a simple explanation for the game.”

Brayelin Martinez, Dominican Republic captain: “We had an intense desire to pass to the next round as pool winners. That’s the reason why we really put our heart and soul into this game.”

Wagner Pacheco, Dominican Republic coach: “Our success was all about concentration. We made it through and we are ready for what's next in this tough competition.”


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