Czech Republic coach is proud of the strength of his team


Maunabo, Puerto Rico, September 17, 2015 – To defeat Mexico, Czech Republic carried out a solid strategy set by coach Ales Novak, who showed some real pride on the way his girls went out to the game and get that win.

Tiziana Baumrukova, Czech Republic captain: “Today we came out much stronger than other games. The team succeeded on playing by our tactics.”

Ales Novak, Czech Republic coach: “Our service was just magnificent today. The girls keep on listening to my advices and that makes me very proud, as things have worked out well for us.” 

Fernanda Bañuelos, Mexico captain: “We failed on passing the ball and receiving their serves. It's like the team has lost the spirit.”

Luis León, Mexico coach: “We need to improve our attack and reception. The way our service worked also spoke for us in this game.”


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