Cuba subdue Egypt with stronger attacks


Cuban players celebrate after subduing Egypt

Gurabo, Puerto Rico, September 18, 2015 – Cuba recovered from shaky moments late in the first set and went on to beat Egypt utilizing their stronger attacks despite  difficulties with the reception

Wilfredo Robinson, coach of Cuba: It was a learning experience in the first set for the girls. They must respect the opponent and no matter who is on the other side you have to play hard all the time. That’s what happened in the first set when they showed over confidence. The reception continues to be our Achilles heel as it has been during the competition but the team also is getting experience, which is important at this stage of their development.

Anet Alfonso, player of Cuba: Our game was a little off at the start but we battled back and never allowed the opponent to take control. That was the most important thing for us in the match. We dominated from the second set on. In my case, the serves worked really well.

Mai Moustafa, captain of Egypt: We were coming off a really strong match and we felt tired. It affected our game. We did our best against Cuba but their attacks are better than ours. We lacked concentration and missed the chances of attacking well.


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