Cristofani credits good reception for Italian victory


Italy's Anastasia Guerra spikes past the Serbian blocking

Gurabo, Puerto Rico, September 16, 2015 – Reducing the mistakes and executing good receptions were the keys for the Italian victory over Serbia, said coach Luca Cristofani after the four-set win on Wednesday.

Luca Cristofani, coach of Italy: "We played a very smart game trying to reduce the mistakes with our serves. Also we had very good reception which was very important to start our attacks. Now we have to prepare for the match against Russia. I am very glad with the way our team executed."

Sofia D’Odorico, captain of Italy: "The most important thing today was that we minimized the errors. Serbia is a team that doesn’t make many mistakes so we wanted to keep low our numbers in that part of the game. We have to prepare for the match against Russia and we will go for the win."

Marijana Boricic, coach of Serbia: "After the third set we lost what we needed to win. Number 14 (Paola Egonu) made a good series of attacks and we stopped playing. We lost the concentration and couldn’t recover. Today we missed a good chance to reach the semifinals because tomorrow we have to play Brazil, a very good team. I don’t know if we can win that match."


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