A strong start was vital for Japan, according to captain Yanagita


Caguas, Puerto Rico, September 12, 2015 - Japan achieved a place on the second round in Puerto Rico after downing continental rivals Chinese Taipei in a thrilling contest, one where the first moments of the game were crucial, as Japanese captain Yanagita explained after the game.

Mizuki Yanagita, Japan captain: “We always try to work very hard from the beginning of the game, and we had a very good start on this game. That made the game a bit easier for us. Now we have to play against Italy, which is a team so much taller than us. We must show our fighting spirit, to try harder and go for the win.”

Kiyoshi Abo, Japan coach: “The third set was particularly difficult for us as they improved their game. Our main feature usually is our defence, but tonight it wasn’t so good. We’re happy anyway because we prepared a lot for this tournament and now we move forward.”

Kuang Chin-Tu, Chinese Taipei coach: “Both teams play a very fast game. My team was a bit slow in the first two sets, but we managed to play better in the third set. Now we have to concentrate to defeat Egypt in the last match of this round.”


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